Jan 9 2007

New Year, New Resources


In an effort to encourage and inspire as we march on into our New Year, I am going to start offering a number of articles on some things that will brings light and life to your new year! So, here are a few sites and resources that I HIGHLY recommend. Some of them are hot and running, some of them are up and coming, however, you might want to bookmark this post in order to come back over and over again!

1. For encouraging newsletters in your inbox daily, try the Charity Focus Newsletter: www.dailygood.org. Here is the RSS Feed in case you are interested.

(CLICK HERE) to learn more about RSS Feeds and what they can do for you. And (CLICK HERE) here for a more advanced look.

2. For one of my all time favorite daily devotions, (CLICK HERE) to go and sign up for Oswald Chambers’, “My Utmost for His Highest.” Or, you can go to the Heartlight website and sign up for “My Utmost” and many more different daily emails! VERY ENCOURAGING!

3. For very encouraging pictures that you could use as backgrounds, there are two places that I call my favorites! First, Freefoto.com is beautiful and then, Crossmap.com. That’s one way to awake your soul daily, look at great pictures!

4. For a great Christian search engine, try: Crossmap.org or even our growing search engine: search.tapestrychurch.net.

5. For a great daily reading plan that is becoming more interactive daily, go to: Ancientword.com. It’s a work in progress. And for a great Bible search try, Biblegateway.com.

6. There’s a new site, directory and search engine that we are working on that will definitely be something you want to keep tabs on. It will have stories, encouragements and articles that can only help you to believe that GOD can move today just as He did in the past. That is: ComeRevive.Us. Now, it’s a work in progress, however, trust that this year, it will be growing and expanding with all the research we have done over the last 13 years!

7. For worship music, check the Vineyard site out. There are always new dowloads where you can try new music out! Also, try out: ShareSong.org for amazing free new original music!

And whatever you do, keep your eyes open as we are prayerfully progressing toward our new venture. We are working to start an online worship radio station. You will definitely be hearing more about this later. This year, we hope to bring new life in new ways to the internet. So, have fun, have joy, there’s hope!




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Jan 3 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Tapestry!

And what an exciting year it is going to be! Here are a few things to pray about.

1. The Reserve is going to be building it’s refreshing center and then finalizing paperwork to become a land reserve trust.

2. The Tapestry is praying about adding a Sunday Morning Service.

3. We are praying about a new venue.

4. More new life groups starting at the end of the month.

5. Tons of FUN events! We will be having more fun than you can shake a stick at this year.

6. Continuing the GSF Legacy of outreach!


All of which you will hear so much more about over the next couple of months.

And remember, we are going to dig into the topic of Signs, Wonders and the Kingdom of GOD this Sunday and for the next couple of weeks.




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Dec 27 2006

dc fireworks

Hey Everyone!


I hope you all had a wonderful one! And now, we head into our New Year with much joy and anticipation! I am so very happy to have spent so much time with you guys over the last few days.
The 3rd Annual Christmas Party was a blast. I got my favorite gift, the Napoleon Finger Puppet and Seung stole my second favorite item, the Buca di Beppa Gift Certificate! I WILL GET YOU BACK! HAHAHA! The 3rd Annual Christmas Day dinner and a movie was also a great time. If you haven’t seen Night at the Museum, you need to. It is such a great movie and there were so many times I just lost it laughing!

Which brings me to my next point. Don’t forget what this year is in the Tapestry. With the changing of the New Year in just a few short days, we will be changing our direction ever so slightly. This year will be the year of Play!

We have worked so hard over the last few years, that this year, we are going to have some major fun!

Whather it’s game nights, small groups, parties, refreshings, tours, missions, outreach, evangelism, bowling, prayer and praise nights, Starting a morning Service, traveling, hiking, camping, rock climbing, beach tripping, Continuing our Evening Services, changing facilities, walking the Reserve land, meeting new people or whatever, this year, we endeavour to have tons of fun doing it.

I challenge you to make this the year of memories!

Take more pictures,
Laugh More,
Give More,
Share More,
Hang with family More,
Relax More,
Serve More,
Play More,
Smile More,
Say Thank You More,
Get the Door More,
Be More Cheerful,
Say More Nice Things,
Give More Encouraging Words,
Stop Bad thoughts with Good ones,
Have more Joy,
See more troubles as Challenges,
Show more character,
Give more grace,
Remember more good times,
Forget more bad memories,
Forgive more,
Dance more,

I think that it’s time to start celebrating. GOD is moving and every day we see HIM, so let us join HIM more this year than ever with joy in our hearts and expectation in our souls.
This year, GOD is going to change the minds of a lot of people about what church is all about and HE is going to use you to do it!

I am proud of you Tapestry!

I love you all much and look forward to this exciting year with each and every one of you!


Kickin It!pd


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